Floor Stripping and Floor Waxing

A&A Commercial Cleaning is committed to the best flooring and cleaning solutions. We maintain high standards so that your business always looks its best. We will strip away your floors outdated seal and finish so that we can replace it with our own seal and finish. Afterwards, your floors are ready to hold up against the unavoidable dirt, scratches, and scuffs that tend to wear out a floor.

Even though all floors (especially floors that see high traffic) are subject to wear and dirt, you still want to convey a professional appearance and a clean office environment. Our stripping and waxing services will help you achieve this consistency.

If you are in Lexington or elsewhere in central Kentucky, look no further than A&A Commercial Cleaning for all of your floor care needs. Regular maintenance will help preserve the life of your floors and keep them looking shiny and inviting.


If you have need floors waxed and/or stripped, please contact us and ask!


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Check out the process in the two photos listed above!